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3/11/2010 12:31:02 PM Rating:
Hi all. How are you?
 Henapaste USA IP: no URL given

3/10/2009 7:48:36 PM Rating:
Nice work man, great site
 Ckyum Australia IP:

27/03/2008 2:45:18 PM Rating:
hey babe! im looking forward to Qdance- looks so rad!
hope to see ya there!
mwah xoxoxox
 kate aust IP: no URL given

30/05/2007 12:01:38 PM Rating:
Hey Good stuff, bring on more & keep it up. be at Royaldoof4
 ray Melb IP: no URL given

27/03/2007 8:10:45 PM Rating:
Hey Cem,
Great site, you really are the master of many domains :)
Catch you in the park, for a twirling whirling fun time
 Han Han Australia IP: no URL given

16/02/2007 4:58:05 PM Rating:
wat up i met you at rainbow im the south african guy you met it was me and the 2 girls that car fuck out. at the servo.well waz up
 peter k au IP: no URL given

27/02/2006 7:52:36 PM Rating:
Hey, great site dude..
Can you send me regular info on the parties happening in Melbourne
 Diaboliq  IP:

17/10/2005 2:21:54 PM Rating:
Hi mate, long time to speak..
gotta catch up .. lots of fun stories, including the mouse saga ( ).
You're site is still tops man! You're getting to be a really pro photographer!
 Dylan Australia IP:

4/05/2005 5:40:56 PM Rating:
Cem, love ya site dude. Will link it one mine!

Cya @ godspeed!!!

Ho|Ey, the random dude with the camera and the hole in his chest!!
 Ho|E Austrailia IP:

12/04/2005 3:04:57 PM Rating:
wats up everyone,
i am into DJing at clubs in tha valley no resident jobs just guest apperience and i am looking to check out a bush doof i have been told so much about them and i am a raver so naturaly i want to go and if anyone heres of anything plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz e-mail me cuz i am desperate thnx alot guys ;)
 ian(aka DJ evo) australia, QLD, brisbane IP: no URL given

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